Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celiacs: A People OBSESSED with Food

I have spent that last, hour or so, surfing the web visiting other GF blogs. It actually all started because one of my favorite blogs was giving something away... a book. I thought, "I want to win something," and because tomorrow is my birthday and I am on day 17 of having at least one sick child home, and day 4 of me being sick, I am feeling that the universe could possibly owe me a little something.

So since I was feeling lucky, (and that the universe is indebted to me), I headed to another blog, because I remembered that they too were giving away a gift certificate. Well they already gave it away, but on their site they had a post asking other GF blogs to tell them about their blog and the link, so that they might mention it in a larger forum.

WOW! How nice is that? I always knew those chicks were cool, but generous too? Who knew? Since I was already in my "Ya gotta be in it to win it" frame of mind, I added my little blog, and a brief description, to the long list of blogs that had been left since the original post in early December. This did not dampen my hopes, because, as I think I mentioned, its my BIRTHDAY, and the universe has way more tallys in its column then me.

I decided in my generous frame of mind to take some time and check out the other gluten free blogs that were listed, and see what their author were writing about. Their contents went something like this... GF for GF food...lack of GF food...where to find GF food...restaurants with good GF food...baking GF food...GF/CF food...GF vegetarian food...GF vegan food...what foods to eat... what foods not eat....hmm...there seems to be a theme here...FOOD! If I were to make an assessment based on blog content; celiacs are a people obsessed with food.

Oh come those feeling of inadequacy again... I don't write about food. I like food. Most of my day revolves around food, thinking about what to feed the family, cooking food for the family, shopping for more food for the family. I would say that 75% of my day involves food. Gluten free, corn free, dairy free, low sugar and try to avoid chocolate food. I too am obsessed with food, although not out of love, but necessity. If I am not on top of my food game, my little crew goes hungry. The last 4 1/2 years of my life has been dominated by, researching, investigating, isolating, searching out, and learning how to bake, and prepare gluten free food! I won't let it take over my blog too! This place is for me...and you of course...a quiet place for reflection and finding the part of myself that is unrelated to food.

So if my posts don't contain photos of delectable GF tasties, and discussions of how to create them, is this really a gluten free blog? Or am I just a blogger who happens to be gluten free?

I guess I will leave that up to the celiac chicks to decide.

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