Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Facebook Conundrum

Since I last posted, I have been persuaded by Finance Guy to join Facebook. This is not something I was inclined to do by nature, but he assured me that it was a great way to keep in contact with our family that live in various parts of the country. After a year of resisting, I succumb, and in a melancholy moment of missing family....signed on.

It is all that I feared it would be and more, but strangely I can't look away! Since joining, I have been contacted by, and/or seen the faces of a huge number of individuals I assumed would never be part of my life again, and this experience has left me feeling....overwhelmed.

It has also left me with a conundrum. How and to what extent to share the challenges of my gluten free life? How to explain that I am caring for a family of five; 3 celiacs, one of them also casein sensitive, 1 not celiac but gluten intolerant, and one not been tested for celiac yet, but looking like she is dairy intolerant. Wheeew, it is quite a mouthful, not to mention a medicine ball of information. You can't just go lofting that into the air at some unsuspecting innocent friend.

At first I thought, "Don't share it, no one really needs to know", but the reality is no matter how much I try to ignore celiac disease, it won't go away. The reality is my reality. However, I don't want my family to be seen as victims of a disease or our lives as some sad existence......

So I ask you.... What is a gluten free girl to do???

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