Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Fall

The laundry, clean and dirty alike, are in piles in almost every room of the house. The dust bunnies have taken over the areas not occupied by the laundry, and are beginning to make demands. The combination of cold weather and nearly five weeks of being stuck in the house with sick children, has pushed me to my critical mass. However when this woman reaches her critical mass it is not related to a nuclear chain reaction. It's more like my reactions are critical of the masses.

Critical of myself. Critical of my kids. Critical of Finance Guy. Critical of others who seem to float effortlessly through their daily accomplished careers, marriages , families, finances, and fashion, perfectly coiffed. While I struggle to find my cover stick, hairbrush, and clean underwear.

I have more housework then I can possibly complete. I estimate that if I clean and organize every free moment (when not cooking or baby and child wrangling) it would take me at least a week, probably more, to get my house presentable again, but that is not the biggest problem.

Whether it is my critical mass self, or the lack of contact with humans outside my gene pool, my mood has fallen and it can't get up. I have tried, but I am currently experiencing the Humpty-Dumpty challenge. All the Kings Yoga and All the Kings Zen, can't put my mood back in balance again.

I need to escape, I need a vacation, but being gluten free that requires extensive planning. Also access to a kitchen, a Rubbermaid container of pots, pans, and a toaster, and a full supply of gluten free snacks for a family of five. That is not counting accoutrements needed for travel with a 17 month old; diapers, wipes, a pack and play, and something for her to sit on when eating. Did I mention that I would still be cooking all the meals?

Even the simplest escapade turns into a burden. much for escape. Like any difficult situation that life throws at us, there is no way but to face it head on...and...cry like a, that's not it...and wade through it. Wisdom, and many women's magazines, advise that during these challenging times it is good to get the support of a professional. In my case...a professional cleaner. It is a one day deal to help me get back on the wagon. In my desperatioin, I will pay whatever she asks, even nurse her first born...although he might be in college at this point, if it will give me my house back.

I feel certain that an uplifted mood will follow.

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