Monday, June 8, 2009

Finding Fun

I used to be cool....and fun. Most of my friends wouldn't remember this long ago land of me...but it did exist. My cool seems to have evaporated sometime around the second child and the mini van. The little bits of cool that I managed to hang onto... Italian coffees at the french pastry shop, artisan breads, Chinese takeout, pizza and beer, were then mercilessly extracted when our family was introduced to Celiac Disease. I still quietly mourn the loss of my coolness.... but this morning, out of the blue, a little slice of cool fun pulled into my driveway.
It is only a loaner...but Finance Guy is letting me drive it for the day! (He's a prince I tell ya'). This little beauty is nothing less then my dream car. It used to be a kelly green Volkswagen Rabbit, but they have become hard to come by.
Oh, just look at there anything cooler? Compact, sweet lines, unencumbered, zips around without a care in the world. Just the right size for urban life, no excess. Fun and carefree...kind of like me before label reading, manufacturer calls, and cross contamination. Oh how I miss my fun self, but for this day I get to be the fun, cool chick, I once was. Well almost....

.....groceries don't buy themselves you know.

But doesn't she look like she is having fun with her cool Mom.

When traveling the path of the wellness challenged....

fun is always good to find.

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