Monday, June 22, 2009

Winds of Change

It is the first week of Summer at our house and there have been some unsettling winds blowing through my family. My cute little baby, so soft and gentle, has transformed into a sticky fingered little menace I have dubbed Todzilla. No corner of Tokyo (or Surely Manor), is secure from her well meaning curiosity. Yes she is still cute and funny but, like her namesake (Godzilla) she leaves a trail of destruction in her path. A friend of mine described the goal of parenting at this age is essentially to keep them from accidentally maming themselves. I find that asssessment accurate.

Even more chilling then little Todzilla, are the winds of change blowing through my soon to be 11 year old daughter. Gentle breezes wafting to a gale of hormones that will soon thrust her little body into the throws of adolescence. Brooding, moody, angry, quickly followed by helpless tears. If she finds out that I have described her in such a manner in a public forum, it won't be pretty. I will be required to donate the money we have set aside for our summer vacation directly into her therapy fund. At least then, she may someday recover from the mortification, and possibly lead a fulfilling life in spite of the wounds carelessly inflicted by her Mother's self indulgent hobby.

Yet another tempest has been unfurled in my soon to be eight year old, who decided to lift a bag of Sun Chips and sample them at a friends house. This, I would never have known if I had not inadvertently found the evidence while cleaning out her back pack. The gluten now wafting through her system is wreaking havoc on her equilibrium, emotion and physical. It has been so long since she has had an ingested anything more then cross contamination that she is dumbfounded by how terrible she feels. Appetite gone, exhausted, moody, forgetful, with the frustration tolerance of....well....Todzilla.

So here we all are in the first days of summer....and I find myself unusually calm in the center of this storm. Grateful to have my girls home with me while development, hormones, and gluten blow them mercilessly about. Soon enough other winds of change will blow. Sending my toddler off to preschool, my eleven year old to peer confidants, and my eight year old onto other play dates, and these days together, will be over. So for my summer plans, I hope to quietly savour the sweetness of these moments and help them to appreciate it too. If that doesn't work, with all this wind, maybe I should take up kite flying.

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