Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Surrender

I realized this morning while my older daughters were at swim lessons that I have been fighting summer. I had the best intentions, with the help of my babysitter extraordinaire, to throw myself into writing and research while my children enjoyed the downtime of summer. However with the summer almost at an end all I have to show for my intentions is 1 post and 8 (potentially brilliant) unfinished drafts. As I walked around the community pool flanking my toddler so she wouldn't become the first rescue drill of the day, it occurred to me that it might time to raise the white flag to Summer. I think it is in my, and a my family's, best interest to let go of my plan. Stop beating myself up about what I have not accomplished and enjoy these precious, overflowing days of Summer before Fall comes, and time to relax with my children dries up.

As I thought of this possibility I felt a bit of a burden sliding off my back. It felt good.

See you mid September.


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