Sunday, October 18, 2009


This week’s acupuncture treatment was not too taxing. The intensity of the clearing out has quieted down and a focus on more subtle energy flows has begun. Before we could proceed further in treatment Dr. Bob needed to make sure the energy flows on the left and right sides of my body were equal and that there existed a healthy give and take between them. This makes me think of Mr. Grabowski, my eighth grade science teacher, explaining osmosis. I always loved the principle of osmosis.

“Osmosis is the passage of water from a region of high water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low water concentration.”

Water will always seek an equalizing state. Even more amazingly it does not need to exert any energy to do so. In some situations the process can actually create energy and exert a force by following its nature.

That to me is a beautiful and hopeful concept. The human body is 65% water. It is in our very being to, whenever possible, move towards a state of equilibrium.

So, Life giving me a Frequently Wellness Challenged family, and requiring me to devote five years of my life to unraveling their symptoms and learning how to regain most of their health…..this is not lost time. Based on osmosis, this was merely a period of 'high concentration' on others…. and 'minimal concentration' on myself. The very laws of nature demand that equilibrium eventually be restored.

This is a great comfort to me, in light of the week that just passed. Last Friday night we did what most Americans take for granted. We ordered pizza….from a restaurant! A wonderful company called Still Riding Pizza, based in Connecticut, makes gluten free pizza crusts and sells them to privately owned pizzerias. However, before they pedal their crusts, they give the restaurant training on how to prepare the pizzas safely, using their own sauces and toppings, to prevent cross contamination.

We have ordered these pizzas a handful of times at home and also while on the road visiting my home town. Finance Guy and the crew love them, and have had no adverse reactions. We were not so lucky last week. This time cross contamination got the better of us. Unfortunately before I realized what was happening, Beanie had eaten the pizza four times on three consecutive days.

It has been a week of worry and strain for me, and a great deal of fatigue, insomnia, urticaria (hives), irritability and, inability to focus for my family. As usual Beanie was hit the hardest, two days of school missed, not to mention a couple dance classes. In the grand scheme of things that really isn’t too bad, but it took Beanie an alarmingly long time to recover. Even now over a week later she is just barely becoming herself again.

That is too long.

So this has sent me back to my sleuthing. I have a few more resources at my disposal this time. A little more research, some new books, and confidence from hearing that other individuals have had similar struggles. This encourages me to try again, to unravel the mystery of what gluten does inside the body of my loved one. If I can understand it then maybe I can figure out how to reduce the severity and duration of their reactions. Diminish her suffering.

Like many Mom's of Frequently Wellness Challenged children, I must be the impetus for their wellness. This is not an equilibrium that will be restored without exerting some force. It is times like this, that I wish I were a little stronger, bolder, and more confident in my convictions.

So I take comfort in knowing.....whether I am conscious of it or not, osmosis happens. If I can allow the permeability in myself....the balance I have lost will be restored. Well in theory anyway...

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