Friday, August 19, 2011


Sweden Day 35

For the last month we have been living in our Swedish dream house, with beds, a set of dishes and silverware, two pots, one pan, glasses, a coffee table we bought from Ikea.  We added to this three fatboy bean bags for the girls, oh and the dog's crate.  Let's not forget the dog crate.  Our air shipment that arrived 3 1/2 weeks ago brought our bikes and Finance Guy's work clothes, (cause someone had to keep us respectable Swedish tax payers).  

It has been a little like camping.  It has at times intensified family relations with no material possessions to distract us from one another.  Intensifying those usually endearing traits that undiluted, or diffused make you call to question your previous belief that getting married having children was a really good idea.  Fun.  Of course the other side to that pendulum, much like with camping, is that you appreciate how truly little you need.  I realize how much stuff burdens me with responsibilities that consume my time and energy.  It has been like a vacation that has given me lots of free time for hugs, tickles and wrestling. 

Everyone has been troupers and done a great job at making the best of it, but with the start of school, we were all getting a little tired of the limited attire we packed oh so many weeks ago.  I have mostly t-shirts, shorts, capri pants, and one cardigan sweater that I have been living in.  My current fashion look, is that of a very fashionable Swedish man.  Except I am not as pretty as many Swedish men, and I use less hair product, and I'm not as starched and pressed.

So you can imagine our delight when we walked out our gate this morning to this:

Whoo-ha the cavalry has arrived!  As a happy coincidence I notice that today is my half birthday.  Happy 1/2 Birthday to me!

So, as I wait for the nice men to arrive to start moving our boxes into our Swedish Dream House, I attempt to quell the fears that our furniture and belongings are going to turn my Swedish Dream House into an unpleasant reality.  Certainly, my vacation will be over, but I am hopeful that Finance Guy and I were prudent enough in selecting what would join us, that it  will not overpower our much desired simpler life and tranquility that we have thus far enjoyed.

They're here!  Let the unpacking merriment begin!

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