Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soul Soothing

After dropping KC at day care this morning I took a walk with my dog.  There are trails that lead off in numerous directions near our home.  This morning, my soul feeling a bit unsettled, led me to the gravel path that leads to water.  The promenade stretches in one direction winding along the shore.  In the other direction trails lead off into the woods for an all together, different experience with the shore. The fog that had been hanging low all morning was beginning to lift.  I have to confess, I didn't bring my camera this morning, but thought I would share some photos from other outings.  The only difference from today, is the fog, and only the last remains of diehard leaves clinging to the branches. Green is turning to grey and brown in preparation for the white (hopefully), of or first Swedish Winter.

I really need to  bring my cameral whenever I walk. There's so much beauty all around in Sweden.  Even the most unsettled soul can find solace on the paths.  Maybe that's the gift that my time here will bestow.  The final leg of my journey through the grief that has enshrouded my life for more than a few years.  I'm still not sure where this path is leading me, but I am certain on both the good days, and bad that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.



  1. What beautiful photos. All worth framing. Ummmm...writing and photography. Sounds like a great career to me!


  2. Thanks Joanne! I think it is the fun effects on the iPhone Hipstamatic that make it look good, not any talent on my part.

  3. Those pictures are amazing! Your photography skills are really up to par. Reading your blog always puts me in a good mindset, you have a style of writing that is so calming. Amazing post, but then again, when are they bad?

  4. Thank you Anonymous for your kind comment. Come and visit anytime!