Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life's a Beach...

This week is KC's first official one home again with me.  We can't blame illness, or her sister's Spring Break for her not going to Förskola.  The withdrawal form to cancel her placement at her school was officially submitted yesterday.  Now we are in limbo for at least 30 days, since that is the minimum notice required when leaving a childcare situation in our community.

After returning to Sweden post holiday's I was able to find a babysitter who has been helping me a couple afternoons a week, so I could get the older girls to appointments, and engage in some social ventures, but this week she is in Orlando Florida.  She is a cheerleader on the Swedish National Competitive Cheerleading Squad and is competing at the world championships this weekend.

Yes I invited a 19 year old Swedish cheerleader into my home.  Apparently I'm either more confident than most 40 something women, or I was just more desperate for childcare.  I'll let you decide which.

So that leaves me and KC, with a whole lot of bonding time over the next couple weeks.  I have found in my middle age, I don't do as well as I used to, staying at home all day with a small child.  It isn't KC's fault.  She has two older sister's who came before her and wore down my resolve.  The novelty has definitely worn off, and with the demands of a teen, a tween, and my expat life, it is harder to push aside my too do list, and sink into the moment to moment life of a 4 year old.

So instead of telling myself that these will be magical days together, I am taking a more pragmatic approach and acknowledging that they will be days, that will strain our mother-daughter relationship.  So I am trying to be patient not only with KC but myself.

Tomorrow we visit another school on our island that has availability starting with the fall term in August.  They are an international school, and are bilingual.  The preschool classes have one teacher who speaks nothing but Swedish and another who speaks only English.  From what I understand, many of the student come from families where the same is true of the parents.  I am hoping that this will be enough so that she will be able to form some friendships with other children.  I know she loves her Mama, but sometimes I get a little glimmer of her sadness that she can't tell stories about playing with her friends like her sister do.  She misses being a part of a community.  So do I.

So to make the best of our time we took a little trip to the beach.
Floats for Summer swimming.

No Lifeguards on duty, but two very nice English Sheepdogs working the shore.

View down the beach 
Serious life preserver. Looks old fashion, but if you look there is a wired alarm. I'm guessing if you knock the center out that baby is going to scream.  Swedes don't mess around with safety.

Didn't believe this color existed in Nature, let alone in lichens.

Boulders are more apart of the shorelines in our part of Sweden than  sand.

'Take a picture of my hand'

Mud and stones. 
No seashells, but plenty of other treasures found.
Today's fashion look: 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' meets my Grandpa's hats.

Talk to you soon,

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