Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seeking Spring

Last week I had KC home with the flu, so I spent most of the week indoors reading while she laid about with a fever watching videos.  On Friday she was finally well enough for the babysitter to come. So I took my faithful hound outside for some well earned fresh air and searched for some signs of Spring.  I found a little color in our yard...

Some sad little crocuses.
 This little guy had been above ground all week and still hadn't found the courage to open.
 The buds on our lilac hedge were swelled and starting to green, but they were no where near opening.  In the flower bed I could see the promise of tulips and some other spring bulbs, but they were still only a bit of green pushing up through the soil. So dog, and I headed out of the yard and toward the woods, to stretch our stiff legs with some exercise.

After a stressful week, I was rewarded with a tranquil sea of browns, gray, and muted greens that still dominate the landscape here.  Luckily, I am a big fan of subdued tones.  So it was some delicious eye-candy for one weary woman.

Red buoy.
A couple weeks ago this still had large floats of ice drifting through.

The promenade's end.


Not sure why I was so taken with this fungus.  Maybe it was the muted hues and textures that flattered him.  Maybe it was because in a few weeks, when everything around it turns to green, it will just withdraw into the scenery and be hardly noticeable. Not today though.

This is what I saw when I looked behind me.
The temperatures have been vacillating a bit, and the weather is entering the wonderful unpredictable pattern (that is sarcasm).  Regardless of the forecast you really never know what you will encounter in a day.  Warm sun, chilling clouds, rain, snow, hail.  We had them all happen at some point, just today.  Even as winter gives us one last squeeze before releasing, I have to admit that my first Swedish Winter went very easy on us.  It was nothing compared to the last two winters that have been endured by the locals, and what I had braced myself to endure.

I guess because of that, I am not so anxious for Spring to burst onto the scene, pushing us out of our cozy hibernation.  The way winter hangs on reminds me of the Springtimes of my childhood where we would make bets as to whether we would have snow on Easter.  Well we are a week away from Easter and we had snow today.  I wonder if our sad little crocuses will have a chance to open before they fade.  

So as I admire the photos of my friend's in the states spring blossoms, and hear from my old neighbor that the weeping cherry tree we planted in memory of my Dad is flowering. I wish I could see it in person, but not enough to leave, and miss the promise held by a Swedish Spring.


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