Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy American Mother's Day

So I was awoken this morning in the usual way I have been for the last 13 years.  With the voice of a little girl.  For the last 10 or so years it was usually a "Hi Mommy.." followed by the first question of the day.

This morning the voice was laying right beside me, "Hi Mommy, Can I play on you phone?"  "Mmm Hmm." Roll, reach, deliver.  First request of the day. Check.  Roll over again for a little more rest with the Minecraft lite crunching sounds, or whatever it does, behind me. 

After hand held electronics could buy me no more time in dream land, I rolled my bones out of bed, and headed downstairs with visions of Almond Flour Pancakes dancing in my head.  I don't know Coco, at Roost but the idea of a morning that looks as delicious as the design of her blog, made me want to be in the kitchen.  That is saying a lot.

So I keep forgetting to tell you,  that Finance Guy, and I have been considering Primal, or Paleo, or modified GAPS diets.  Well I have been considering it, Finance Guy isn't quite on board yet.   So I have been spending a lot of time researching them on line.  I have both books 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' (GAPS) and 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle' the bible of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).  Unfortunately, because I was so certain that clean, easy gluten free living in Sweden would be enough, to keep us healthy in our new lives, they are sitting in a storage unit somewhere outside the Philadelphia airport with the vast majority of our possessions.  What can I say, I was wrong, it keeps me humble.

So that is how I found some of my new favorite blogs, Roost,  Nom Nom Paleo, The Paleo Mom, and the lovely Urban Poser.  They have been my inspiration while I am formulating the next phase of feeding my family.  I spent some of the morning checking out their sites till I found the recipe I was seeking.  We were sitting down to our bacon and Spiced Almond Flour Pancake breakfast when we were reminded, (through a friends update on Facebook,) that it was Mother's Day.  In the states.  Mother's Day in Sweden doesn't happen for two more weeks.  

There was a  whole flurry of apologies from my children and Finance Guy.  A bit distressed that they had totally forgotten my day.  Well I had too, so I really wasn't upset.  I told them we would celebrate in two weeks.

Later as I was fixing lunch, little hands brought me these.

A precious handful of weeds and wildflowers.

Then her older sisters went to our yard to get their own tributes.

Our vases are in storage too. 

My Annual Mother's Day tradition is, hitting the native plant sale at the Brandywine River Museum, and a couple other nurseries that stock the native plants I've been coveting all winter, for my annual garden project at Surely Manor. I usually spend the day in the yard planning and digging holes to put my new babies to beds. It is my favorite way to spend a weekend.  The month of May feels a little hollow without that tradition.

But my daughters came along, and filled my empty jars.  See how they runneth over?

I hope your Mother's Day is filled with an abundance of weeds, and wild flowers too.


ps: It's long overdue, but I am finally sending the link of my blog to my Mom.  She only learned to use the internet 4 years ago, so I never really told her much about my Mumblings.  So 'Hi Mom. Suprise! Welcome to my blog, and Happy Mother's Day' ♥

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