Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring - Vår

The last few months I have attended class twice a week to begin the process of learning Swedish.  It isn't easy to learn a new language at middle age.  Not because of my brain is old, but because my brain is full of a multitude of information that I must manage on a daily basis, and my ears full of questions, and stories from three adoring children.  Given these factors, I didn't do too bad for my first round at the beginners course.

I did notice however that as I attempted to communicate in a new language, my skill level with my old language began to diminish.  I don't think this is an uncommon occurrence, however when my main creative outlet is writing, it certainly reduces the diversity in my verbal palette.

To manage my frustration with this new development, I picked up my husbands camera.  Not the pull from my pocket, point, and shoot style that have been satisfied with all my life.  The real kind that was always to bulky and expensive for me to be comfortable carrying before now.  Finance Guy has been very tolerant of my new attachment to his camera.

It now goes with me almost everywhere I go, and what I lack in photographic skill, and experience, I am hoping to make up for with enthusiasm.

So until the words begin to flow as my medium to paint my life for you, I may be relying more on images.  They are suppose to be worth a thousand words after all.  I apologize that they fall short of perfect framing and composition, but it is easier for me to show you what is stirring my soul instead of describing it. Probably less painful for my more literary friends/readers too.

In the last couple weeks Spring has gained a strong hold, and it has been exciting for a field biology nerd, such as myself, to observe it's flora and fauna. Some of it, I have never seen before, some I haven't seen since I was kid growing up in Katonah.  Imagine half way through my life, and seeing things for the first time.  That is pretty remarkable to me.  So that is mostly what I have been trying to capture before Spring blooms disappear into Midsommar.  I labeled the ones that I could identify, but I have had trouble finding their Swedish names.

 First to arrive on the scene were Alpine Penny Cress (Thlaspi alpestre).

 This flower emerged from the ground like some alien life form. When everything around it was brown and dead. I still haven't figured out what it is, since the leaves have just finished opening.

 Same one, different plant.

 Tried and true Coltsfoot. So tough it pushes right through black top. It came up around Easter, and has already gone to seed and almost disappeared.

 Wood Anenome

 Moss flowers



European Cowslip

Eggs on the pond. Frog I think.


Hope you have been enjoying your Vår too.

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